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Hi, I’m Bob Wonder, your personal guide through Slipstream Intelligence. Would you be willing to eliminate self-defeating patterns in your life? Would you like to have peace in your relationships? Would you be willing to shift anything uncomfortable occurring in the body? What if you could access a place where anything is possible? How may I be of service?


~ Slipstream Intelligence ~

Slipstream Intelligence is a place connected to everything AND at the same time between everything.  Imagine sliding between All That Is and affecting change at at the deepest level.

How do Teachers, Healers, and Masters access the place connected to All That Is? These Masters bring forth information beyond what is possible through the human construct.  Physical and emotional states of being are shifted and healed like magic.

Emotional trauma, illness, and unconsciousness can be shifted through Slipstream Intelligence. By accessing these deeper spaces in between the between, the state of being can move into ease and grace. What else is possible?


~ Beyond Brilliance ~

The Brilliant Core ~ What if at the core essence of our being is a seed or kernel of brilliant intelligence?  What would it take to uncover the obstacles to this awareness? If we seek and search and remember, what will we find? Can nurturing, feeding, and energetically contributing to our essence unfold a state of being Beyond Brilliance?

As an acorn has all the programing and capacity to become a majestic oak tree, what if we have a similar light essence waiting to evolve? What are we then intentionally capable of becoming?    

Many masters have demonstrated this awesome potential: As Moses came off the mountain, he was shining a brilliant light. The Buddha radiated his rainbow light body. Yeshua sat down on Mt. Moriah and shown brilliant white light. Could these masters and teachers we hold in hight esteem have accessed their core essence and evolved into a higher state of vibration?  “All These Things and MORE You Shall Do.”

If the health, awareness, and prosperity we seek are already in our experiential capacity, how can we access Slipstream Intelligence to create personal mastery?

~ Between Space ~

Between the Between ~ Quantum Physics shows that we are multi-dimensional beings.  There are literally 1000’s or more realities co-existing concurrently with what we perceive as existence.  What if we are in a constant flux of evolution through these dimensions?

In the Gospel of Mary Magdelene, Peter asks her for advice and instruction: “You kissed Yeshua on the mouth” (you knew him well). Mary directs Peter and the Apostles to seek the place that is in between space, time and dimension called the “Nous”.

Knowing we are existing in many dimensions simultaneously, we can receive instruction and advice from our many “Selves” that have mastered the very issues we are challenged with.  What would it be like to slide between these dimensional spaces and bring this intelligence into our lives to easily create personal mastery and wellness?

Could we then move between theses dimensions and access an even greater intelligence? 

How can it get any better?

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